We have reliable experiencience due to our extensal work in many robotics fields.


ROS is the standard in Robotics for software development since 2013. It provides a set of libraries and tools for building robot and IoT applications. Robots, sensors and actuators manufacturers usually provides drivers ready to use that works under ROS, avoiding reimplementing software. Developers and researchers of state-of-the-art algorithms share their works by ROS packages that can be integrated in your projects, saving time and money. And it is all Open Source...

Mobile Robotics

We provide advanced technology of Mobile Robotics for commercial and industrial applications: Perception, Navigation, Manipulation and Planning for a wide variety of robots. Complex applications are now affordable by applying our technology.

Autonomous Vehicles

Our expertise in ROS can be also applied on technologies of autonomous vehicles. Sensors, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence are integrated for a succesfull applications in this area.


Beyond the enormous capabilities of today's aerial robots, we provide them with sensors and on-board computing capabilities for autonomous applications in GPS-denied environments.

Artificial Intelligence

We apply Deep Learning for perception and Machine Learning for behaviors in Robotics applications.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a breakthrough technology that can be intergraded with robots and sensors to redefine the way we interact with them.


Our activity focuses on applying advanced Mobile Robotics techniques in Robotics and IoT projects.


We advise companies in the adoption of ROS technology. Thanks to this technology, the development processes are optimized and it allows to address projects that involve advanced technologies.

R+D Projects

We make available our expert team to develop customized applications based on ROS. Solutions provided are based on the most cutting edge robotic technologies.


We work with cutting edge technologies that make possible the most sophisticated and efficient robotics solutions.

Find out our daily researching work at Intelligent Robotics LAB website.


Learn to program real robots with ROS !

  • Introduction to ROS

    10 hours

    Introduction to ROS basic concepts:
    • Instalation and components description
    • Workspaces
    • Execution graphs
    • Resources and documentation
    • Robots and sensors with ROS
    • Packages and third party software

  • ROS TF

    5 hours

    Use of the transform system in ROS:
    • Relation between coordinate frames
    • Perception with TF
    • Relation between spaces
    • Design of TF solutions

  • ROS Manipulation

    5 hours

    Use of the manipulation system in ROS:
    • MoveIt!
    • Robot arms configuration

  • ROS Perception

    20 hours

    Sensory processing in ROS:
    • LIDAR sensors
    • Visual 2D perception + OpenCV
    • Visual 3D perception + PCL
    • Perception packages in ROS

  • ROS Navigation

    20 hours

    Use of the navigating system in ROS:
    • Mapping (Cartographer and Mapping)
    • Autolocalization (AMCL)
    • Navegation (Move Base)

  • ROS 2

    10 hours

    The next ROS generation:
    • Compilating sistem
    • DDS with Fast-RTPS
    • Demos

  • Become
    an expert


Know the people who make this possible.

Juan Pedro Martínez


Avionic Engineer
Specialized Instructor in UAV

Esteve Fernández


Former member of the ROS team
in Open Source Robotics Foundation
(Palo Alto, CA)

Francisco Martín


Doctor Engineer on Robotics
Lecturer at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Teo Romera

Bussines Development